Customer Testimonials

very resposive to my needs

The service was excellent from the beginning, the rep was on time and professional in the installation and start up. A service call was necessary recently and the mechanic arrived promptly repaired the problem and was off. I highly recommended Suburban Power Services.

-Richard from Centreville, MD

Suburban handles every aspect, performs flawlessly

Suburban Power contacted me as a result of an inquiry I placed to the Generac web site. Generac provided me with two authorized dealers and I chose Suburban Power to give me a quote. Suburban visited my home and was the only company to provide me with an immediate, easy-to-understand quote. When I asked for references, Suburban pointed me to their web site where they had pictures and testimonials from satisfied customers. Suburban's quote for a 20kW Generac was less than competitors' quotes for 17kW generators. I chose Suburban based on price, Generac's recommendation, and the pictures and testimonials on their web site. Suburban gave me a base price for the generator and then separate prices for options, including: concrete pad, external remote monitor, extended warranty, yearly maintenance, and a surge arrester on our electrical panel. It was straightforward without being pushy. They took an initial deposit to purchase the generator and then scheduled our install for 2-3 weeks out. They sent someone out to pour the concrete pad the day before the install. They contacted our local gas company to upgrade our gas meter. The install took most of the day but it went smoothly. They also showed up the next day to meet with the gas and electrical inspectors. The Suburban personnel were a joy. They always answered their phone, responded quickly to emails, and never failed to give a direct answer to anything. They also take credit cards for payment.

-Jeff S. From Riverdale, MD

Stellar Performance

After moving from Crofton to Crownsville I was greeted by my new neighbors with a warning, “we are the first to lose power and the last to come back on”. I thought that statement was a little exaggerated until a few months later when the power went out for seven days. Due to the length of outage, we eventually threw in the towel and stayed at a hotel. After that unpleasant experience, I felt the odds were in our favor and another outage was unlikely. Wrong! The power went out again for three days. After two unpleasant experiences, the decision was easy and I started researching generators. Having propane for heat, hot water and cooking, I chose a generator size that would power most of the house but not large enough that the system would not exhaust our supply of propane so quickly that a long term outage would not be sustainable. So I chose a 14,000Kw Generac. I received six quotes with varying degrees of installation. Some would only do the electrical but no plumbing. Some provided incorrect advice regarding the county code requirements for the placement of the generator. But in the end, I chose “Suburban Power Services” who provided me with an “all included” turnkey package with a price that beat all the competition. Due to Hurricane Sandy, acquiring a generator was slow at best. But the delay was understandable. The date of the install, two gentlemen (Sean and Tom) arrived early at my door (around 7:15 A.M.). They immediately examined the details of my circuit panels and made certain I would have power to those I chose to have power during an outage. While Sean worked on adjusting the panels and installing Generac’s EZ transfer switch, Tom began working on preparing the site for placement of the generator. Shortly, the generator arrived and both Sean and Tom place the platform and generator in place. They continued to work with Sean doing the internal wiring and Tom setting up the outdoor wiring and programing the generator. In the afternoon, with all the wiring in place, they attached a temporary tank of propane and started the generator after simulating a power outage. It worked like a charm. The actual plumbing of the gas line was completed awaiting the final inspection. In addition to the generator, I purchased the remote monitor providing me with a status of the system and the ability to test the system while standing in my home, panel surge arrestors, extended warranty and an annual maintenance plan. The system is very sturdy and thanks to Suburban Power Services, I expect to receive many years of peace of mind.

-Chuck88 from Crownsville, MD


An absolute pleasure through the entire process, estimate to installation. Very knowledgeable regarding Generac products. Exceptionally thoughtful installation with great attention to detail. This from a very fussy consumer. Highly recommended.

-Bill S. from Annapolis, MD

This dealer is responsible and reliable!

Suburban Power is outstanding! WHENEVER I have called, the technician gets to my house within the needed time. He even watches for storms and does a check up to be sure we are ready. Suburban Power truly provides 'peace of mind' service!

-Watson's House in Arnold, MD

We were extremely pleased with the courteous service and professional timely installation of our whole house generator the follow up service is super

I would recommend Suburban Power to anyone who is contemplating a whole house generator they are the best you will not be disappointed!

-Jim from Arnold, MD

I highly recommend this dealer.

When I discovered my generator stopped working I contacted Suburban Power Services. Their staff is very professional, friendly and caring. They made sure everything possible was done to correct my generator problem under warranty. I am so happy I have found a service company I can rely on and trust!


Good price, fantastic staff

So impressed with them. Everything went smoothly (not always been the case for friends who used other companies). They were responsive, professional, but also just really nice, both the office staff and the staff who did the installation--the electrician in particular spent a lot of time making sure we had exactly what we wanted. This is a good company.

-Michele- Ellicott City, MD

One fine outfit!!!

Suburban Power Services was able to provide us with a 36kw liquid cooled unit for our datacenter as steady supply of power is crucial to our business continuity. We were scheduled with Mr. Howerton for our In-Office survey and he was extremely knowledgeable about what we would need to be able to run our company during a power outage. The unit arrived according to the delivery timeline and the install was completed by a courteous team of technicians. They were very knowledgeable during the install. Our unit is running without any issues and I would definitely recommend them to my neighbors and friends. They are extremely friendly and we will be a recurring customer!

-Brent- Millersville, MD

Excellent Company to Work with

The whole experience of getting a generator was great. From getting the estimate through the installation went perfect. The price was excellent. The whole staff was very knowledgeable. Their whole team (estimator, concrete guys, installers) were awesome to work with. They showed up on time, were very friendly, and and got the job done right in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family.

-Jon- Severna Park, MD

This dealer is absolutely great!!!

I live in Prince George's Co., Maryland and was experiencing a lot of electrical power outages. I contacted Suburban Power Services for a solution. They promptly responded with an in-home survey and recommended a Standby Generator that would best meet my needs. They also provided an installation layout and a price I could live with. I delayed my review because I wanted time to experience an actual power outage and Suburban Power's promptness in full-filling the extended warranty. The Standby Generator ran great through the four day outage, scheduled maintenance was completed on time, and the customer services at Suburban Power Services has been wondrful! Thank you from a satisfied customer, Sincerely J.P.W.

-Bowie, MD

Great, honest and responsive service!

After waiting for nearly two weeks for service and listening to all the excuses about their inability to get out to my house (from two different service providers on the list) I called Suburban. They were professional, friendly and very responsive. They arrived when they said they would (I couldn't even get the others to acknowledge my calls) and they immediately diagnosed and resolved my problem. Thanks for the outstanding service.

-Mike/Crownsville, MD

The Best of the Best in Maryland!

Suburban Power is top-notch! Professional, Knowledgleable, Responsivse and Honest! The best to install and maintain Generac. Sean came out and did a complete assessemnt for installation. Customer service is there priority. Highly Recommend!

-ALB/Churchton, MD


I got several estimates. All but SPS said I needed a much larger system. The fact that SPS employs actual electrical experts meant they could actually scope the work properly. The installer set up some new circuits (to rectify non-standard word in an older house) and configured the heating/cooling system to run properly.Needless to say, when the lights flickered in the 2012 Super Derecho (huge thunderstorm June 29) and all the power came back on automatically with gen, my wife was really happy.These guys are professional and know they are doing. I highly recommend them over any competitors.

-John- Lothian, MD


All of our options were explained to us.Paperwork was processed efficientlyGenerator was ordered and delivered in a timely fashion.Installation was on time and was completed in one day.They explained everything in detail and made we understood the system before they left the site.They answered all of our questions.The installation was neat and professional and he personell were friendly.Made sure we were completely satisfied before they left.

-Crosswhite- Centreville, MD

High quality service

It’s a pleasure running across a business that provides the responsiveness, skill, knowledge and overall high quality of customer support demonstrated by Suburban. You will have our business for a very long time.

-Caroline & Kevin- Crownsville, MD

Before the storm

“Your company installed our second generator (a Guardian 5280 7KN) in February of 2008, and have services our equipment ever since. While we are not always aware of when your service representatives come by to perform preventative maintenance, we were stunned when Wil Howerton and his co-worker showed up at our house on Friday, February 5. This was, of course, the day that snowstorm #1 began in our area. By the time they arrived in the afternoon, the snow was already blowing and wind howling. They told my husband that they were servicing all customers who were due for maintenance over the next two weeks. What a great idea – and what great service! While we were very fortunate that we did not lose power during those two humongous storms, what a comfort it was to know that our back-up system was in good shape – just in case. Thank you – and your great crew – for service above and beyond the call of duty. We do hope that all your staff, and their families, came through this major winter event safely.”

-Gail & Richard- Annapolis, MD

Dealer is fantastic. Highly Recommended!!!

This dealer is very knowledgable and was quick to respond one the one occasion when there was an issue with the generator. He had it up and running in no time!! He Ddes installation and support so you don't need to deal with a separate electrician. We are so please with our 20kw Generac generator, we often ask why we didn't do it sooner !!! The reliability of our Generac provided us not only comfort during the years extended power outages, but also the knowledge and confidence we will be safe and warm during the approaching winter storm season.

-BandPMurd- Pasadena, MD

Suburban is THE BEST!!!

I live in an area where "service" organizations are "service" in name only. Suburban is one of the best contractors I have ever had. They do their work on time, professionally, and are very pleasant while doing it. They return calls, give very reasonable prices, and have been there for me whenever I need them.Knowing I live in an area that lends itself to basement flooding, they even came by last summer - 1 day before the hurricane hit, just to make sure my generator was ready - NO CHARGE!!!.Will and Cam are not only good contractors but also outstanding people. I couldn't recommend them more!!!Call them if you need a quote - you'll get a fair one, on time, and the work will be flawless - all "mess" is cleaned up before they leave and Will will spends as much time as you need setting up the system with you!!!OH YEA - The generator is also perfect!!! Has never given me any self tests...and has saved me a lot of worry over the past 3 years...

-Doug- Stevensville, MD

Amazingly awesome, professional, friendly, and the dealer is very compassionate about customer satisfaction.

For my entire adult life, I have been terrified of thunder and lightning. For the past 44+ years, I have lived on a peninsula, and storms are abundant. Having a sump pump in my basement actually kept me from going away for a trip if a severe storm was predicted. It had flooded several times, food in the freezers was ruined, etc. After using a portable generator for a couple of decades that was way too heavy for me to handle, I decided to check with some of my friends regarding a standby generator. Several companies paraded in and out of my house, and then my friend Jenny said, "you need to call Suburban Power Services. I am sure you will be satisfied." Well, I made the call, and I regret not making it years ago. When Wil came to the house to chat with us about a generator, he simply let us talk about what our fears had been, what we wanted the generator to cover, and help us get peace of mind. Well, let me just say that it was one of the most comforting days of my life. After he left, I could hardly wait for "Installation Day" to happen. On that day, we were so excited, and everyone was just super. The installers were amazing; Wil was awesome, very professional, helpful and pleasant. When it was all complete, we could hardly wait for the next storm. Once a week it comes on and performs a little test, and it is music to our ears. We love our generator, and basement worries are history. Suburban Power Services is a great company. I often call their office with a question or two, and the young lady on the phone chatting with me is truly a gem!Cinda

-Cinda- Pasadena, MD

Look No Further!!!!

We did over a year's research and received several bids before we decided to use Suburban Power to install and service our 16KW Generac Generator. Suburban's price, knowledge, and attentiveness won us over and the high standard has continued since we contacted them 5 yrs ago. Wil is knowledgeable and responsive. We call his cell phone and he answers it. His wife, Kam, runs the scheduling and is just as responsive. When we need service, so far it has been routine maintenance, Wil has done it within a day of our calling at the latest. During power outages, and we have a lot of them, Wil has always answered the phone when we've called with questions. Beware companies that send out non-electricians to bid these jobs! Wil knows what he is doing! When our transfer switch was inspected, the inspector said it was the best install he had seen in his 20 years. If you want excellent service, price, and product support, please call Suburban Power.

-M&M Davidsonville, MD