Standardization Across 400-600kW Diesel Generators Increases Efficiency, Lowers Cost of Maintenance

Generac Industrial Power generator with Perkins engine

Generac Industrial Power is once again highlighting its commitment to continuous improvement with the release of a dramatic new refresh of their 400/500/600kW diesel industrial configured generators for both single and paralleled emergency and standby solutions. The centerpiece of this redesign that reflects the voice of the customer is the company’s decision to utilize Perkins® diesel engines as part of the initial phase of their new long-term growth strategy. In addition, Generac has standardized the frames and enclosures that house these new engines to bring them into alignment with other Generac Industrial Power products.

Generac’s 400kW generators now offer a new Perkins 12.5L engine, the 500kW units are powered by the new Perkins 15.2L engine and the 600kW generators contain the Perkins 18.1L. The highly competitive and dependable 1800 RPM diesel engines from Perkins afford these generators greater levels of efficiency, affordability, ease of maintenance and all of the other collateral benefits of standardization. The company anticipates expanding this initiative to include their Bi-Fuel™ and Gemini® models in future.

“The Perkins engines were an excellent choice for these particular nodes,” said Paul Bowers, vice president of sales, Generac Industrial Power. “They are known for their power density and performance. They also improve overall generator serviceability, and thus reduce total cost of ownership for our customers.”

The new line of base fuel tanks is now standardized, as well. This uniformity of design allows the company to offer a greater breadth of options to satisfy the demands of the market while still maintaining industry-leading turn-around times.

In a further enhancement to efficiency, the 500kW and 600kW nodes will offer a preinstalled enclosure from the factory, thus improving installation time. Also new is an aesthetically designed exhaust hood that mounts to the muffler system, reducing sound harshness to a greater degree than ever and minimizes environmental effects on system operations.

All of this standardization will result in reduced installation labor, a single point of field support through the industrial dealer, and design commonality for reduced customer maintenance costs—all of which will make Generac Industrial Power an even more attractive solution.

Each of the generators will retain all of its configurable options, meet all regulatory compliances, comply with UL2200 standard, and offer IBC 2009 and 2012 seismic certification.