Generator Owners Should Ensure Safe, Effective Use During Winter Power Outages

In the wake of the severe snowstorm that affected broad areas from the Great Plains to New England, generator manufacturer Generac Power Systems wants to remind generator owners how to use their generators safely and effectively.

“Being without power is really disruptive, and many people will do anything to get their lives back to normal,” said Russ Minick, executive vice president, residential products for Generac. “However, it’s important that consumers use their generators according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure safe, effective operation.”

Portable generators must always be operated outdoors a safe distance away from windows and doors to keep carbon monoxide from entering the home. They should never be operated in an enclosed space, like a garage, even with ventilation. Portable generators should be placed on a level surface free of snow, with the exhaust pointing away from the home. They should never be operated on a combustible surface, like a wooden deck. All extension cords should be rated for outdoor use and in good repair. Before refueling the generator, it’s recommended that the unit be shut down and allowed to cool.

Automatic backup generators should be kept clear of snow on all sides to ensure adequate ventilation and to keep snow from entering the enclosure.

Customers with questions about using their Generac generator can contact the company at 1-888-GENERAC, or contact one of Generac’s authorized dealers.