Mobile Link™ Lets Consumers Monitor their Generac Standby Generator via the Web, E-mail or Text Message


Many owners of Generac’s market-leading automatic backup generators use traditional RF-based wireless monitors to get their generator’s status from the comfort of their home. Now they can check in on their generator at anytime and from anywhere using their computer, tablet, or smartphone thanks to Generac’s new Mobile Link™ remote monitor.

“Our customers aren’t always at home, or even nearby their generator to monitor its condition,” said Russ Minick, executive vice president, residential products for Generac. “If it’s on a vacation home in another state, for instance, you might want to see if the generator is running during a power outage. Or perhaps you’re traveling when a storm threatens your home. Mobile Link makes it possible to view the status of a Generac home backup generator—wherever it’s installed—from wherever you are.”

The Mobile Link transmitter attaches to the outside of the Generac automatic backup generator enclosure and connects to the generator’s controller. Once installed, all data logged by the controller is sent via cellular network to the Standby Status™ website ( From this site, customers can determine whether their generator is currently running, when it has run in the past, and for how long. If their generator requires maintenance or is experiencing a fault condition, will tell them so that they can work with their dealer to address the issue before it becomes a problem. Customers even have easy access to weather reports right from

For maintenance issues or fault conditions, Mobile Link and don’t wait for the customer to visit the site. Instead, they proactively send text-based alerts to up to four e-mail addresses and up to four mobile phone numbers so that owners can address these conditions right away. Customers have the option to include their dealer’s e-mail or mobile phone number so that the dealer can discuss maintenance and repair options with the customer as soon as possible.

Mobile Link sends data via cellular network because it is easier to configure and more reliable than the Ethernet and telephone connections used by many competitive monitoring solutions.  Since Mobile Link uses very little bandwidth (similar to a text message), a cellular connection allows it to virtually have national coverage without complicated setup or maintenance.

The Mobile Link transmitter has an MSRP of only $279. The first year of cellular data is included with the purchase, after which homeowners pay a low monthly or annual subscription fee for the cellular service.

“We believe Mobile Link to be an extremely cost-effective remote monitoring solution compared with most competitive solutions,” Minick said. “We want to make it as readily available as possible to our current and future customers.”
Mobile Link is compatible with all new Generac backup generators up to 150 kilowatts, and many existing Generac home backup generators of the same size. Customers should consult their dealer to see if Mobile Link will work with their generator. For additional product information, they can also visit